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Santoor a brand from the stables of one of the stalwarts in FMCG sector- Wipro Consumer Care and Lightings has been its flagship brand since 1986. Since its inception in 1945, many brands have been successfully created and continue to thrive under the umbrella of Wipro Consumer Care and Lightings. Today, it has a global presence in over 40 countries and has added many feathers to its cap in terms of successful acquisition of brands of international repute. Santoor has always been the highlight of Wipro’s FMCG division. A brand that symbolizes younger looking skin, Santoor takes pride in being the first one to combine the goodness of sandalwood and turmeric for the ultimate skin care in the form of Santoor Soaps. Today, Santoor has diversified its product portfolio to an astonishing range of skin care products and ranks at the third position in terms of the market share for Santoor Soap.
Santoor’s products have been categorized under four major segments which are Santoor Soaps, Santoor Fragrances, Santoor Skincare and Santoor handwash. Santoor Orange from its soaps division has been long associated with beautiful and young skin with its natural essence of turmeric and sandalwood. It has also entered the premium soap bracket with its moisturizing soaps like Santoor glycerin, Santoor white with goodness of almond and the saffron rich Santoor Gold. Santoor has been providing complete skin care with its skincare products like moisturizing lotion and face washes that contain the goodness of sandalwood, aloe vera and many other nature’s gifts. Santoor’s exciting range of hand washes provides the ultimate care for your hand by cleaning and moisturizing them naturally. Santoor’s fragrance range includes deodorants and beauty talcum powders. Choose the best skincare for you from Safetykart’s offering of Santoor products.