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Ecoworks Urine Free Odour & Stain Removal Products Online

EcoWorks Biotech Pvt Ltd is the sole distributor of Environmental Biotech International’s Products in India. It was founded in 1990 with its headquarters in USA. 
EcoWorks Biotech provides safe and biodegradable solutions for wastewater treatment to residences, commercial houses and municipal entities. They use a natural process known as bioremediation where products convert waste oils, fats and grease into harmless carbon dioxide and water. Their technology treats waste water by harnessing power of beneficial micro-organisms. This treated water can be recollected and reused for flushing and gardening. 
EcoWorks Biotech brings in high quality solutions which are reliable, effective and profitable. They have achieved several milestones with regard to building awareness and education around oils, fats and grease. 
EcoWorks has over 10,000 clients that are spread across 9 countries. With leading brands like McDonald’s and Costa Coffee using their grease eradication system make them work more effectively and fast in order to fulfil their targets.