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Artificial/Natural Sweeteners

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Lowkal Artificial/Natural Sweeteners in India

Lowkal is a leading brand which has been in existence since 2008. This is manufactured by Lowkal Healthcare Private Ltd. This is an international company which is based in Bangalore, India.
Lowkaldeals with a desire to promote low calorie products for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Lowkal is universal for all adults where as it is recommended not to be used by children. Their mission is to get recognition as a global calorie management brand.
They have products that enhance sweet taste buds and increase adrenaline rush for food. This is widely suggested by food agencies to be used in food as these sweeteners maintain taste as well as health and fitness.
Their vision is to make their products to be chosen by a huge mass as everyday usage. Stevia extracts do not affect blood glucose level or insulin. These sweeteners also offer with greater variety and flexibility in maintaining total calorie intake and weight management as in whole.