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Accomplishing various tasks becomes quite easy with the simple addition of tools to your work. Developing work tools was perhaps the biggest breakthrough for mankind that has led to the rapid progress of the human civilization. Tools and technology form an integral part of our lives today and to make life much simpler brands like Leatherman have relentlessly tried to design innovative products for the greater good of mankind. Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. was started by one Tim Leatherman in 1983 in Portland, U.S. with development of their multi-tool device. The company started with simple yet fundamental principles of manufacturing the highest quality products to deliver excellent value to the consumer. From the time of selling their first Pocket Survival Tool to the present time about 30 years later they have painted a success story hard to emulate. The company still thrives in its founding philosophy of ingenuity, innovation and quality craftsmanship with their every tool.
The company specializes in the production of multi-tools and hybrid knives among others. The high quality tools are designed for tough and heavy duty jobs. These tools act as a compact, one-stop solution for carrying out several types of complicated jobs that require the use of variety of tools. Leatherman offers a wide variety of tools which are available through Safetykart.com