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LED Lenser India - Flashlights/Headlights for Cycling,Biking,Trekking,Campaign etc.

LED Lenser deals with manufacturing of flashlights or headlights for office, industry or home either for business or general purposes. The first LED lenser product manufactured by the team was V8 flashlight. This was founded in Germany by twin brothers in 1994.
During the first five years they managed to sell more than 200 million LED flashlights. The V8 flashlight became a classic international design and one of the top selling LED flashlights in the world.
This is a company that has more than 1000 employees and three manufacturing bases. This produces some of the world’s highest quality flashlights. There are headlights manufactured by this brand that are mainly dealt for outdoor purposes like cycling, biking, trekking, camping etc.
They believe in hard and smart work with sincerity that produces best results. They deal with their employees and consumers equally with co-ordination and trust.
These flashlights are easy to use and carry inside pockets, purse or handbags. These flashlights and emergency lights can be used anytime anywhere. These keep away darkness and brighten your place that also provides you with safety in darker regions. These led light torches are powerful, long lasting and can guide you in darkness perfectly and help you avoid falls and injuries.