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Tifosi Optics, Inc. was formed when Earleys’ identified a need for a high quality eye glass brand in the cycling industry. Its products use advanced technology, low price, and other features.
Tifosi gives a lifetime warranty on its products. Their mission is to provide technically as well as trendy eyewear to sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers. These eye glasses protect your eyes from dust, dirt and in all weather conditions and give a modern look. Tifosi provides its customers with style, function, quality and value. It has become a trusted brand for outdoor activities, cycling or running.
Tifosi has a team of dedicated management members who deal with manufacturing of eye wears that could be worn during sports or other outdoor activities.
Tifosi believes on three major work plans like: Continue to produce designed opticals with quality, maintain a high functional customer service with a good account management team and become the first choice for retailers as an eyewear brand.