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Sigg deals with manufacturing of household goods that include drinking bottles. They make bottles that are eco-friendly, reusable, recycled and sound. The bottles are both functional and stylish to use and carry.
Sigg uses Swiss precision to design and build products which are of high quality and hope. Sigg was established in 1908, in Biel that majorly dealt with manufacturing of household goods from aluminium that included beds and drinking bottles.
They had earlier brought in single color coated drinking bottles. Almost a decade later, Sigg had got Sports bottle with drinking caps.
They had also made a mark in the art of drinking through entry into collection of Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 2003, Sigg managed to shift to the new headquarter where they had huge storage and work spaces that proved a great benefit to its employees.
Sigg was awarded with the Red Dot Award 2014 for its excellence in product design. Sigg bottles are well used and preferred mostly by trekkers, hikers or mountaineers. The drinking bottles also perform as necessary items for outdoor working people. These bottles are designed in a way that have recyclable features that allow continual innovation. They manufacture products for all ages with multiple tastes.
Sigg cares for both its customers as well as employees so that products are made with advanced labour that meet customer’s demands.