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Best Bike Helmets From Lazer Online at SafetyKart

Lazer is a reputed brand for safety helmets that has a long standing reputation of quality and durability that makes it a top brand in helmets. Lazer was set up as a family business in 1919 and is one of the oldest brands of sports helmet in the world today. Lazer helmets are designed not only as a protective gear for your head but also look good, are comfortable to wear and offer value for money. Lazer believes in designing safety headgears that enables the wearer to enjoy the freedom of the ride.
The effort and precision that goes into the manufacturing of Lazer helmets makes them a real prized possession. The ultra-light outer shells provide superior protection and the pure carbon and pure glass technology that goes into manufacturing of Lazer helmets make them extremely light weight and comfortable to wear. Lazer helmets are available in many robust and attractive varieties like light weight modular Monaco helmets, the off road radical looking MX8 variety, the stylish Bolero with internal sun visor and the revolutionary Lumino photochromic visor. Lazer helmets are manufactured and tested under stringent quality and safety standards that provide you an assured safe ride. Select your Lazer helmet from Safetykart available in amazing ranges of looks and models and enjoy the freedom while you cruise along on your bike.