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KT Tape Original & KT Tape Pro

Kinesio Taping deals with sports tape with a belief that the tape could do wonders on the patient’s body. The tape helps in providing relief from pain occurring after a marathon or any sports. KT Tape brand is a private firm based in Utah that deals with sports medicine products. The brand is Lumos’ featured product line that is built for performance and quality. It is one of the favourite sports products for every athlete or physical trainer.
KT Tape creates neuro muscular feedback that relaxes pain and stretch of muscles and ligaments. It proves to be a relief from pain in back and joints. It helps an athlete to stay in the game even after suffering from the acute muscle pain. It relieves from muscle pain, joint pain, pain in the shin or spleen or pain in the back. KT Tape proves out to be a great help for athletes while they recover from the injuries.
KT Tape recovers the sprains during orthopedic treatments. The tape is available in different pack of strips and colors that provides good choices. The specially designed adhesive has made it easier to wear it in harsh conditions like humidity, water, cold etc. KT Tape is a sports injury treatment that offers relief from pain.
They make sure that every experience with the company or products is exceptional. Its products are distributed to individuals, medical professionals, sports persons and physical trainers through major retailers and distributors worldwide.

Difference Between KT Tape Original & KT Tape Pro

Original KT Tape as well as the Pro version are both used for the same purpose, prevent & treat pain and injury. Both are used and applied in exactly the same fashion. So deciding which one best suites you could be a little confusing. The 'Best' Option depends on 'How You Are Going To Use The KT Tape'
Other than the simple difference of the make, KT Tape Pro being made of Synthetic Material and KT Tape Original being made of Cotton, there are many other differences. We will try and list a few here so as to make the decision of buying either becomes easier for you. We would always suggest consulting a Physician before deciding on a particular kind, or you could just give us a call and we'd help you buy.

  • KT Tape Pro Majorly Used for High Impact activities, whereas prefer Original for Low Impact activities

  • The Kinesio Tape Pro can stay on the body for upto 7 days easily, whereas the Orginial Tape will only be useable for up to 3 days

  • Original version of the KT Tape should be prefered for sensitive areas of the body

  • If to be used on High Strain Areas of the Body, prefer the Pro Version

  • KT Tape Pro's elasticity lasts longer than the Kinesio Tape Original version made of cotton

  • Better Elastic Core of the KT Tape Pro, means faster Muscle Recovery & Protection

  • KT TAPE PRO is the World's Only 100% Synthetic Kinesiology Tape, re-engineered with Stronger Adhesive. It can sustain Humidity, Showers, Cold and Pool on regular basis.

Famous Athletes Who Use KT Tape

KT Tape came into limelight when in the Olympics Japanese Volleyball Team was seen wearing colourfull tape on the abdomen muscles. The Tapes kept the commentators busy for most of the match, and led to a lot of media buzz about the Kinesio Tapes. In reality Kinesio Tapes have been used by Chiropractors for over 3 decades. Recently KT Tapes have been seen on many Athletes as it helps deter injuries, or re-injury. Some of the famous players who use KT Tapes have been :

  • Lance Armstrong, the 7 Times (Consecutive) Tour-De-France Champion had praised the Pink-Tapes from Japan in his book.

  • KT Tape was also seen on the world’s number-one and number-two male tennis players, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, in 2014 at the U.S. Open, as the ATP’s lead trainer, Clay Sniteman, is a member of KT Tape’s medical advisory board.

  • Mario Ballotelli, Manchester City Striker (at the time of the click) was seen wearing KT Tapes on his back to support his lower back strain during various matches during the 2013-14 Barclays Premier League

You can see KT Tapes being used by almost all the Athletes in the Olympics, Continental Games, Commonwealth Games, and National Scene. So the next time you spot bright tapes strapped on a Sports-Person, you'd know those are KT Tapes