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Soberbio Insect Repellent

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Soberbio Insect, Rat, Lizard and Cockroach Repellents Online In India At Best Price

Being in the industry for more than 15 years, Soberbio provides strong solutions from its impressive such as pest control, , Professional Cleaning Services, Water Proofing and Specialized Domestic / Industrial Painting solutions for Industrial and domestic projects. The products are Veto Cockroach Repellent, Veto Lizard Repellent and Veto Rat repellent that powerful as well as 100% eco-friendly. They came up with a fascinating attribute of non-poisonous to humans and pets.
These commendable products provide a complete result from pest in few days which then produces long lasting effect. They are totally safe if you found this in the hands of your children or near your pets. Talking about your personal vehicle, the products like lizard repellent, cockroach & insect repellent can easily protect your cars from lizard, cockroach, rats and insects. So, now stop worrying about your house or vehicle and start making life scary for them.