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Menstrupedia Comic Book is a friendly guide to menstrual cycle that helps young girls and women to stay healthy and strong during their menstruation. The comic guide aims to shatter the taboo surrounding periods where millions of girls face social discrimination, reproductive health problems and low self esteem due to lack of awareness about menstruation.
This is a guide that helps in explaining your queries regarding growing age. The premenstrual syndrome and the physical changes during puberty is well written in a way that attracts readers to connect to their problems through images and cartoon characters.
Menstrupedia serves as an easy to follow, medically correct guide book that aims at spreading awareness about menstruation. They are devising various ways to help young girls and women stay informed about their body and managing their periods effectively. For teenage girls and older women, Menstrupedia aims to correct myths circling around the issue, provide effective remedies and use technology to create tools that can help a woman track her periods effectively.
Menstrupedia is led by a team of interaction and communication designers. They supplement the guide with easy to understand illustrations. They intend to take this style forward and build illustrative comics, as a tool for educating youngsters. Their main aim is to make people aware of the facts about menstruation. Their product pipeline has a mobile application as an offering. With this application, they intent to help females track their menstruation, receive monthly dietary suggestions and essentially cover all aspects around the topic.
Aditi Gupta, the Founder of Menstrupedia, along with her husband Tuhin Paul, have been working relentlessly in her effort to educate society about menstrual health and hygiene. Their project is compiled into a comic book which is more of an interactive journal on menstruation.