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Supremex Equipment (An ISO 9001/2000 certified company) is a renowned organisation that deals in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment. Supremex offers safety equipment like fire safety cones, fire safety jackets, etc along with water and mechanical foam type fire extinguisher. A B C Type Dry Powder (Stored Pressure) Fire Extinguisher, CO2 Fire Extinguisher,Portable Dry Chemical Powder Type and Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Type.  These are extremely fast, efficient, easy to use, or extinguish fires in emergency situations. Supremex was founded in 1976 and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Supremex gives quality products and well developed manufacturing facility, and also ensures its advanced development technologically in the market. This has enabled in helped them in standardising their products and again meeting the basic requirements of the industry. Its good expertise proves in its work and provides solutions during production process. The Supremex team consists of dynamic and young professionals who give creative ideas in innovation and manufacturing of the products. With their constant and efficient support, Supremex meets the standard and requirements of the clients. They are also known to provide services like maintenance and extended service that is required for all types of fire extinguishers.

Supremex services include labels which are checked for legibility, dip tubes, hoses, etc. Its products include fire extinguisher, fire suppression system, water mist, foam making equipments, fire fighting accessories, foam fire extinguisher, trolley fire extinguisher. Supremex supplies the above equipments to all oil and gas companies, hydrocarbon industries, electricity boards, atomic nuclear power projects, defence port trusts, thermal power stations and approved suppliers of multinational organizations. Supremex is already exporting the above materials to Oman, Singapore, Bahrain and Dubai.

Over and all, Supremex provides equipment basically required for your safety at home or outside. This gives you security from sudden fire outbursts anywhere.