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Nip is the most trusted baby care brand from Germany and is the face of the company Nürnberg Gummi Babyartikel for over 80 years since 1932. As the oldest soother manufacturer in Germany, it delivers quality products "Made in Germany" worldwide in over 30 countries for clinics and consumer. The guiding philosophy for Nip has been to help new parents face the challenges of the rapidly changing life and provide the love and care that babies need to ensure their healthy development. Nip has been developing its products in close cooperation with scientists, doctors and midwives and in accordance with the latest medical and technical knowledge to ensure maximum safety and quality of their products.

Every Nip product is rigorously tested in the company’s laboratory and then checked and certified by well-known institutes and laboratories backed by European bodies and standards commissions. Nip boasts of an entire range of products tailored for the individual requirements of the child and supports a healthy and natural development right from the start. Some of the amazing products by Nip are food warmers, water coolers, body cooling and heating pads and soothers among others. Shower your baby with the tender care of Nip by getting the products from Safetykart.