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Collectors Heritage is a new name in India, it brings to you the vast experience and breathtaking workmanship of Windlass to your living rooms.  The immense history and scope of the brand behind it is known throughout the world and we are proud to make our work available for you, the collector, connoisseur, re-enactor, and movie & literary fan.  It is a portal for India, which has its own rich history and fair share of war legends, so you will be able to enjoy the historical artifacts offered by this royal firm. The growing fan base of major Hollywood productions, and the unending demand of our Indian fans and collectors, has made us offer you meticulously researched, historically accurate reproductions of edged weapons, armor, and clothing from different eras from the Medieval, to the Vikings, to the Roman, Greek and Renaissance periods. Each so called edged weapon has been converted to an article of home and office decor, by permanently mounting it on plaques and beautifully crafted frames, without losing their accuracy.