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Healthcare and Wellness Products From Solomon  @ SafetyKart

Solomon is a brand for healthcare equipments and lifestyle products from Solomon Bio Pharma& Research which is and ISO & GMP certified manufacturer of herbal medicines, healthcare equipments, food supplements, lifestyle products etc. Solomon uses the values of Indian system of medicines to naturally address the health care concerns of people and help them lead a healthy and quality lifestyle. Solomon’s product line reflects the Ayurvedic focus on a healing through natural products and processes. Solomon’s commitment to provide a healthy lifestyle for people in a natural, safe and friendly way, has led to creation of many innovative and unique products.
Solomon’s primary products include healthcare equipments like infrared ear thermometers, blood pressure monitors, ear cleaners and nasal aspirators for a comfortable and safe way to lead a healthy life. It also offers many lifestyle products like sleep well wrist bands, anti-snoring devices and other products like diabetes patients like diabetic socks, pest control devices like mosquito traps among others. The products are known for their excellent quality and the convenience of use guarantees a safe and comfortable tryst with natural healing and well-being. A healthy and safe life is now just few clicks away with the different range of products by Solomon available on