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Wantrn Mosquito Killer Trap

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WANTRN® was started in 2011 at Coimbatore. Their sole focus of satisfying customer needs is what sets Wantrn apart from the competition. Wantrn takes pride in extensive knowledge of its products and their ability to take care of ther customers. It’s their ultimate goal to help our customers make life more enjoyable by offering quality home care products. Wantrn believes in maintaining a high quality standard by evaluating the structural integrity and the performance of all of their products.

Wantrn specializes in mosquito and other pests trapping and killing machines. Mosquitoes are one of the common menaces that affect every household. They are known to be the propagator for many deadly diseases like dengue and malaria. Wantrn provides a safe and non-toxic way of getting rid of the mosquito problem with its mosquito trapping machine. With the option of running on three types of power modes of electric power, battery and USB, this innovative product attracts and traps mosquitoes with LED light. It also doubles as an air purifier by removing toxic gases from air. Avail the reliability and assured safety of Wantrn from Safetykart right away.