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Rossmax, a leader in the global healthcare market, is committed to developing and supplying premium diagnostic products and lays its primary focus on three business fields- prevention, monitoring and therapy. Their products are distributed in more than 50 countries and are clinically validated and approved based on latest quality standards. Having received a string of accreditations from various International Certification agencies like ISO and BHS among others, Rossmax stands for unmatched accuracy, reliability, safety and stability of its products.

The product and service portfolio of Rossmax consists of diagnostic products in the field of fitness, obesity, hypertension, inhalation, fever and hot - cold - pain therapy. Some of the popular products by Rossmax include its range of digital blood pressure monitors, aneroid sphygmomanometers and body fat analyzers among others. Each product is quite innovative in nature and has an unrivaled quality that has been a result of extensive R & D. With Safetykart’s easy delivery system, you can choose the care of Rossmax products with just a matter of few clicks and enjoy an ultimate healthcare experience.