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Omron Health Care Products

Omron has been a healthcare solutions brand since its inception in `1973. OMRON's operations are guided by its vision and philosophy, as expressed in the OMRON Principles, which function as corporate ethics guidelines, and our corporate statement, "Sensing Tomorrow." In addition to these guiding values, their approach to business is shaped by the SINIC theory developed by OMRON founder Kazuma Tateisi and by our view of the "ideal" society. It has been a pioneer in Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices and has dedicated R&D sites that are continuously innovating new healthcare solutions.

Today Omron’s product portfolio boasts of many innovative and amazing products that include its vast range of blood pressure monitors, nebulizers, digital weighing scales, digital thermometers, pedometers and nerve stimulators among others. With so many products in its kitty, the company and the brand have still not lost their focus on the management of chronic diseases and provide superior products and services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Select your Omron Products from Safetykart and avail a hassle free delivery at your doorstep.

Omron Health Devices

Omron founded in Kyoto, Japan and since then has grown into a major MNC with repute and trust in the world. Omron comes from the legacy of mechines with the Japanese emphasize on Quality. Focusing on Thermometers for home & Clinical Thermometers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Nebulizers, Body Fat Monitors, Blood Glucose Monitors and Weighing Scales to name a few. With time and quality that Omron has delivered over the decades, it has become a household name in Medical Devices. Omron has enabled Medical Pratitioners as well as homes, to monitor their health data with ease, which further enables easy data to treat, manage, document and even prevent lifestyle related diseases.

Omron, because of the ease-of-use of products as well as build quality, has become the market leader in many product ranges. It is arguably the market leader when it comes to blood pressure monitors & nebulizers. Constantly and consistently incorporating innovative technology and ease of use, consumers world-wide go in for Omron BP Monitors with a very good reason. Omron has brought medical equipment for your whole family, with quality you can rely on, with trust you can depend on. It has made tackling lifestyle related health issues like Hypertension, Respiratory Problems, Diabetes & Obesity, and others really easy.

Upper Arm Monitors or Wrist Monitors or even the old-school manual inflation BP Monitors, Omron has the whole range of products, and you can select the one that you are most comfortable using. You can select the right Omron BP Monitor by simply going through the Manual that are available on each and every product page.

What does a Omron BP Monitor Do For You ?

Our most popular BP monitors, delivers you with accurate and reliable digital blood pressure reading, and also provides you with the information on your pulse rate measurement. Depending on the model, each model has different features, such as irregular heart beat monitor which will provide you an alert if it monitors an irregularity in your heartbeat. Some of the Omron BP Monitors also support memory records of past readings, with date-time features.

Few of the models have automated inflation and deflation mechanism, which makes the process of reading your blood pressure really simple. it has Intellisence technology, which cntrols the inflation. Additional features for monitoring include Hypertension alerts, Irregular Heart Beats Alerts, Long-Term Record Keeping, etc.

Omron Wrist Type BP Monitors

The Omron Wrist Type Blood Pressure Monitors have very compact size and really portable design. You can carry it in your luggage without adding much weight to what you are carrying. It has Auto-Inflation and Deflation mechanism with the Intellisence Technology as described above. The display of the device is made from the LCD technology which makes it really crisp and easy to comprehend.
Irregular heart beat alert, and a couple of them even have long memory for keeping records of the readings. One of the most sought after feature in the omron wrist tupe bp monitors is the average of last 3 readings.

Omron Nebulizers has a wide range of Omron Nebulizers for adults and children, alike. Each model of Nebulizer has it's own set of functionalities which make it really unique and suited for a particular set of needs. Usually Nebulizers have good amount of operating noise, whereas Omron has made sure that they are relatively really silent, without effecting the delivery efficiency for the medicine. Omron even has Compressor Based as well as Ultrasonic Respiratory devices for therapy are really helpful for people suffering from breathing related ailments.
Omron Nebulizer for Infants has a bright coloured design, with design that is attractive to the kids.

Omron Weight Management Equipment

Omron Digital Weighing Scales are state of the art in terms of design and functionality. We suggest keeping a daily weight and blood pressure diary, with yourself and keep track of your health metrics on regular basis. Durable, Lightweight, Plug'n'Play Format, with additional functionalities like auto turn-on/off and more.
Depending upon the Omron Weighing Scale model that you purchase, accuracy of the reading will depend on the number of sensors that that model will have.

Omron Body Fat Monitors

This is probably the simplest way of checking your body fat, body weight and BMI. It makes everything so much easier! All devices are clinically tested to ensure accurate results, helping you to track your body composition over time. Using the Bioelectrical Impedance (BI) method, body fat is shown as a percentage of body weight.

Omron Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices

Digital blood pressure monitors, digital weighing scales, body fat monitors, nebulizers, and other home monitoring devices are now available online at You can pay online with our secure payment system in a number of ways like, net banking or using credit and debit cards. You can also, instead, choose the cash on delivery option and pay at the time of order delivery.