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The concern for women’s safety as escalated in the past few years with the rise in instances of crimes against women. The first step towards empowering women would be to make women aware about self-defense and making it easily accessible to all. And that is what the brand Sayfty stands for. Sayfty is a global organization that aims to prepare women and girls to fight against violence by equipping them with information, awareness and personal self-defense tools. Their vision is to make the world a safer place for women. The aim to provide women with personal self-defense products and training, which will boost their confidence and prepare them better for unsafe situations, has been their guiding mantra. Through necessary training and products it wants to make women more aware and alert of their surroundings and give them the power to do something about their personal safety.

The primary product for Sayfty is the pepper spray can which is an excellent tool for every woman to have in order to immobilize their attackers. Sayfty’s pepper spray can has an excellent spray range, fast acting and is completely safe for users due to its non-toxic nature. Embrace your safety with Sayfty.