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Paree Sanitary Napkins

Paree is the flagship brand of Soothe Healthcare, a ‘Spirit of Manufacturing Award’ winning company engaged in manufacturing and marketing consumer healthcare products. The aim of providing affordable healthcare to the 1.2 billion people of India has been taking this company forward in its endeavor for success. The brand Paree is dedicated to provide personal care products for women and girls. The products of Paree are the result of extensive research by the specialists at Paree to understand and meet the needs and requirements of women and girls from age group.

Feminine Care is a really sensitive segment that needs the utmost care for designing product that provide the best care and comfort for intimate care of women. The brand Paree understands this well and has created an exclusive range of sanitary pads with aim of providing confidence and comfortable care to women. The amazing sanitary pads collection by Paree includes the Dry Feel Sanitary Pads with wings, Extra Soft Sanitary Pads and Extra Soft Feel Wings among others. With each product designed for providing ultimate care and comfort, women can now exude a confidence like never before with Paree.