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DOMKINPPY Biodegradable Diaper Disposal Bags

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KT VENTURES is the startup firm promoting the brand DOMKINPPY. It was founded by two qualified professionals having combined work-ex of more than 6 years with Multinational companies. They got together to design and launch the product in the Indian market for the first time. With this One of a kind product they intend to change the way the sanitary waste is disposed in India. The tag line "Put it away the right way !!" sums up what they intend to do.

The brand Domkinppy specializes in disposable bags for easy and safe disposal of sanitary wastes. Their innovative product aims to be an effective solution for the sanitary and personal hygiene waste disposal problems faced acutely in India by offering a discreet, safe and hygienic way of disposing sanitary wastes like sanitary napkins, diapers and condoms. These hygienic bags seal the waste and cannot be opened that prevents human contact and helps in building a safer and cleaner environment around us.