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Vitosera Anti Hair Fall Spray

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Vitosera is a hair care brand for men that offer vitosera spray and tablets. Vitosera Men Spray is a modern day aid to treat and prevent hair loss. Vitosera has been specially formulated to minimize the different factors contributing to hair loss. Vitosera acts on the main causes of hair loss and thereby prevents. Vitosera Tablets offer a unique treatment that combines natural and body friendly ingredients of vegetable origin with vitamins and minerals to support hair growth. Vitosera is a food supplement that increases hair volume by making hair thicker and improves growth, leading to healthy hair. Available internationally as “Restiva”, Vitosera supplement offers an innovative anti hair loss treatment offering a unique, well balanced combination of body friendly ingredients of vegetable origin, vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed and act synergistically from within, in harmony with the organic, body functions, for an effective, safe and non hormonal treatment for non hereditary hair loss.