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Moods has well emerged as a condom brand in which condoms are made from natural rubber latex. HLL Lifecare Limited, manufacturer of Moods Condom came into existence during late 1960s. They decided to bring in a product for upper middle class and middle class of urban population in India. HLL is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of condoms. Moods have also come up with Lubricant Gels that is used during intercourse.

Moods condoms are all about confidence on bed that bring in an intimacy with your partner. They use the best technology and a highly advanced human labour to produce the best quality of contraceptives in world.

Due to its global presence, Moods maintains quality in its products. Now, condoms are no more considered to be a taboo. With growing AIDS virus across the world, people have become aware about safety and well-being. Hence, Moods condoms are available to meet every living standard.

HLL planned to produce condoms for National Family Planning Program. Use of condoms prevent sexually transmitted infections like AIDS and also prevents unwanted pregnancies. Moods condoms are available in different flavours like Chocolate Condoms etc. to enhance your mood and zeal for making love. Dotted Condoms is another variety of Moods Condom. Various condoms with different styles are also available to meet your growing demands. They easily fit onto male penis and cause excitement without affecting your own moods!

The brand has gained popularity because of its advertisements with ambassadors and online and offline marketing.

Now, Female Condoms have also made a mark. It’s a good step to introduce the female condom as now they are not dependent on men.