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Tynor Silicon Metatarsal Pad Pair

Tynor Silicon Metatarsal Pad Pair

Reference: K08 Brand: Tynor

Tynor Silicon Metatarsal Pad Pair

Tynor Metatarsal Pad Silicon (Pair) K 08 Metatarsal Pad Silicon - Pair is intended to ensure the wad of the foot or the forefoot range, Metatarsal Pad is made of brilliant and delicate silicon. It is impeccable to advantage those torment from conditions like difficult Metatarsalgia. It accompanies a few highlights, for example, this cushion has a high padding coefficient and gives throughout the day solace. 

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Tynor Silicon Metatarsal Pad Pair

Feet Pad

It guarantees better weight appropriation and stun retention. It is anatomically composed, it can be put inside the shoe for compelling results. It is without scent, simple to clean and keep up. It gloats of a long useful life. It has high padding coefficient. It is by nature, stun assimilation and vitality return. It has a long practical life.

Metatarsal cushions are utilized to help spread your transverse curve (the curve behind the chunk of your foot, that runs over the width of your foot), advance the arrival of your overextended toes to their typical anatomical position, and empower the arrival of your forefoot fat cushion to its legitimate position supporting your metatarsal heads.

Your metatarsals are the long, thin bones in your mid-foot. The leaders of your metatarsals are at the bundle of your foot, and they associate with the base of your toes. Metatarsal cushions help legitimately realign your metatarsal heads and the fat cushion that is underneath them. Tynor Silicon Metatarsal Pad Pair, thusly, can help straighten and realign your toes, particularly when your metatarsal cushions are utilized as a part of conjunction with our toe-dividing item (Correct Toes). 


  • Non Cellular
  • Has a long utilitarian life
  • Scentless
  • Simple to clean and keep up
  • Anatomical and streamlined shape
  • Guarantees better weight conveyance
  • Pads against harm to the range
  • Diminishes quickly metatarsal torment
  • Sizes Available: Universal