Tynor Wrist Wrap (Neoprene)

Tynor Wrist Wrap (Neoprene)

Reference: J04 Brand: Tynor

Tynor Wrist Wrap (Neoprene)

For those with harmed or swollen wrists, this Tynor Wrist Wrap (Neoprene) gives backing and incomplete immobilization. This bolster packs the harmed range and holds body warmth to give alleviation from agony.The neoprene layer utilized as a part of this backing is fortified with nylon fabric on both sides to give four-path stretchability for better hold. To guarantee simple application and evacuation, this guide uses wrap around and UBL shutting framework. This bolster additionally gives tweaked pressure and cozy fitting. 

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Tynor Wrist Wrap (Neoprene)

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Tynor Wrist Wrap (Neoprene) is intended to bolster and secure your powerless wrist. It gives firm backing to wrist, helps recuperating from any damage furthermore keeps from further harm. Keep yourself away from the worries of keeping your hand in good shape for use. You can wear it and enjoy its benefits in no time. It is known to heal your hand sooner. The neoprene utilized as a part of this item is thicker and permits better warmth maintenance for speedier mending. 

This wrist wrap will enable you to give enough rest to your hand which is no working efficiently. This inturn will help you in getting your hand in good shape soon. Not just that even while you are wearing the wrap, it enables you hand to work properly by giving it the support that it needs. It is the ideal product for you to keep your hand in good shape. So get the Tynor Wrist Wrap (Neoprene) now.


  • Additional grasp.
  • Flexible shutting framework
  • Ideal restorative warmth
  • Simple application.
  • Four way pressure