Travel Emergencies: 5 Tools You Must Have For Your Rescue


Travelling is something that each of us love to do. It’s always a great feeling going to a place where we have never gone before. But taking the road less travelled has its own share of cons. Here is a list of 5 tools you must have for your rescue during travel emergencies. Let’s have a look:

MediHelp Home First Aid Kit


MediHelp Home First Aid Kit is one of the most important and a must have during your travel. It comes with a translucent box and carries all the important accessories pertaining to wounds. It consists of wound washing solution, bandage, plaster, dressing material and ointments etc.

Pack My Bag Family Toiletry Organiser

toiletry bag

If you like to have an organized and hassle free trip, then Pack My Bag Family Toiletry Organiser is a must tool for you. It contains various sections and pouches for all your toiletries so that you can take them out very easily whenever needed. Entire pouch can be zipped together so that it becomes compact and can also be hung on the door or a clamp for ease.

Travel Lock with Alarm

travel lock with alarm

We all know how cumbersome it is to deal with the loss of baggage, as it contains money, passport and jewelry etc. Travel lock with alarm is one thing that will give us peace of mind regarding the safety of our luggage no matter where we are. Its working is similar to a conventional combination lock, but it also comes with a built-in intelligent movement sensor that will detect tampering and buzzer a loud 100 dB alarm and instantly notifies you. Moreover, it also contains a 60 cm retractable cable, so it could be used to secure wide variety of objects. Hence, always remember to carry a travel lock with alarm on any of your trips for a safe and hassle free time.

Go Travel USB Razor


Go Travel USB Razor is a smart product for smart traveler. Even when you are on the move and taking an adventurous trip, you can fulfill your grooming needs by using this product. It can easily be charged with a USB port and has a good power back up. The rubber body is a pleasure to hold and use. It is extremely compact and hence can be carried very easily. The shaver also comes with a spare micro foil guard which ensures its high performance for an extended period of time. It also comes with two color options- black and blue.

Camp Tanto with Fire Starter


If you are a wanderer and love going to treks in forests then Camp Tanto with Fire Starter is an absolute and a must have tool for you. It is an ultimate survival tool for all your outdoor rendezvous with nature. It comes with a strong point and a comfortable nylon par cord wrapped grip. The package also includes nylon sheath that holds a fire starter. The overall length is 7 inches and the blade is 3 inches, fully sharp and black epoxy coated which makes it corrosive resistance.

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