Spilling The Beans: Do Juices Actually Cleanse Your Body?

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The food we are eating these days is not really healthy. Besides, we are so involved in our work or routines that we tend to develop stress which impacts our digestive system and overall health. We do not have healthy eating habits and we tend to munch on quick foods like cookies, fried snacks, muffins etc. and drink too much of coffee or sweetened carbonated drinks. As a result of this multiple reactions take place in our body at cellular levels which in turn also produce some harmful toxins in our body. Our body eventually saves up toxins from these foods and cellular reactions which have many health hazards.

Cleansing our body can help us feel much more fresh and healthy. It makes the body feels less exhausted, chances of headache are reduced, premature aging of skin is diminished, frequency of muscle cramps is decreased and some people may also experience reduction in extra pounds.

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Body cleansing is of many types:

  1. Mainly detoxification considers cleansing our digestive system so that we can get rid of the toxins. This is done through managing the diet
  2. Detoxification can also be done for specific organs.
  3. Heavy metal cleansing is also a type of cleansing

We all tend to go for natural options in order to cleanse or detoxify our bodies. Most of us tend to go for juice or liquid diets. But is going on these diets really helpful for our body? The disadvantages of switching to juices are many:

Lack of nutrients

A drawback of going on juice diets to cleanse your body is that it deprives your body of certain essential nutrients which are not present in juices. People initially experience benefits of juice cleanse as they start reducing weight and feeling light. However, the truth is, the reduced weight is not the result of intake of juice in the body, but the lack of nutrients and food in the body.


Your body absorbs glucose for the juice which is further supplied to the blood cells. For energy, your body makes use of the stored energy. This way your body cannot function for longer and you start to feel dizzy. It can also be dangerous in severe cases.

Excessive Hunger

Consuming juices can make you feel hungry. You may feel uncontrollable urge to eat. A person can have a propensity to overeat in such a scenario. This can show bad effects on the body like excessive weight gain.

Loss of muscle mass

Elongated juice diets can push your body to consume up the stored energy. You body then starts taking up protein present in your muscles. This leads to severe loss in muscle mass. This makes a person look very weak and under-nourished.

Slow healing process

As the body lacks protein it requires for healing, the healing process is impacted. Juices lack amino acids that are necessary for repairing the wear and tear caused in the body. Also, the immunity of the body is reduced due to absence of some of the vitamins and minerals in juices.

Mood swings and Depression

As the level of glucose varies drastically in your blood (too high when you consume juice and very low otherwise, you tend to become irritable. This may also cause depression in the long run.

You can gain very quickly if you switch to solid diet

Another setback of juice diet is, once you start with it, your body reduces muscles over time. If later, you try to switch back to solid diet, your body gains fat too quickly. This is quite unhealthy and can lead to situations like weak muscles and bones, premature aging and appearance of stretch marks.

Juices are healthy, and we don’t advocate avoiding them. However, make sure you know what proportions suit your body and are healthy for you.

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