My Dad: My Hero: My Pride

Father's Day

Someone has rightly said, “Dad taught me everything I know, unfortunately he didn’t teach me all that he knows”.

Happy Father’s Day!!

I am 22 years old and I am still a little princess of my father. Yes, every child is a prince or a princess of their fathers. It is true that a child is always attached to his/her mom, but they are equally emotionally close to their dads. This is felt both by the children as well as dads, especially when children look forward to get a bold decision in life.

It takes someone special to be a dad. Every father shall well describe the emotions of being a dad. Fathers are not only the major source of income in the household but they are also the major strong pillars of protection and care. A man understands well what troubles his children, how their presence make them happy and when his shoulder is to be lent to his children as support stand. Similarly for daughters, even though they get their prince charming, they are certainly too close to their daddy and sons often run to their dads once they want a decision and strong support.

This Father’s Day lets make it memorable for them by showering love and care upon them, paying a visit at home or sending a hand written letter. There are numerous ways in which people could celebrate the day for their dads. Every boy must understand his father’s duty and love as they will become one some day too.

Happy Father's Day

Illustrations by: Bhavya