5 ways to escape the Summer Heat!

beat the heat

With summer already ready to peek into our lives, its time we prepare ourselves with our small summer sun protection kit. After all, summers mean fun, beaches, sun baths and a lot of adventure activities like swimming, snorkeling, mountain climbing, biking and more. But, amidst the fun and summer activities, it is important we remember to keep our skin well protected from the harmful UV rays which in extreme conditions can lead to skin cancer, wrinkles and also sunburns. So, before you jump out of your home to enjoy the beautiful sunny days and a lot of adventurous activities, here are 5 Must-Have products to save you from the extreme conditions of sun.

  1. Sunscreen

First and foremost, choose a sunscreen that is made especially for your skin type. Choose a cream based sunscreen for dry skin while, go for the gel based sunscreen for oily skin. For sensitive skin, choose products made from natural elements. For instance, choose the Lotus herbals sandalwood sunscreen or the Lacto Calamine sunscreen protection for the best results. Make sure your sunscreen protects you from both, UVA and UVB rays.


Once the sunscreen wears off from your skin, avoid washing your face and instead apply the sunscreen again. The thicker the layer of sunscreen, better the protection. And lastly, before you buy a sunscreen always check the expiry date. For your lips, make sure you use a lip balm with SPF 15.

  1. Sunglasses

Now that you have taken care of your skin, its time to protect your eyes from the UV rays. Wear sunglasses that protect your eyes completely from the rays of sun. Choose sunglasses that wrap around your eyes and give 100% sun protection. If you are an adventure lover, sunglasses from AGU Saburo are the best.

  1. Caps / Hats

Cover your head with a cap or a hat with a wide brim. This will help further protect your eyes, nose, ears and neck from the sun rays. Avoid wearing ones with straws or loosely woven fabric. Choose darker shades of hats or caps which are tightly woven and don’t allow the sun rays to pass through them. The Wildcraft safari cap or any sports cap is a good choice to beat the summer heat.

  1. Full sleeves clothes

In summer, most people prefer wearing minimal clothes, particularly when on beach. You can sport a bikini or just shorts on the beach once you have applied sunscreen cream on your entire body. Otherwise, you can preferably choose to wear clothes with long sleeves made from tightly woven fabrics. This is a good way of protecting your skin from the sun. Wear softer colors that don’t attract heat.

Also, if you have plans for trekking, hiking or camping during the summer season, make sure you wear the right clothes for them. Wear special trekking apparels that protect your skin best.

  1. Shades

When you are traveling during the mid hours of the day when the sun is at its prime, make sure you carry shades such as umbrella to protect yourself from the heat. Also, use a skin friendly sunscreen for complete care.

With these points now known, hopefully the summers this year will be joyous for you and your family.

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