Beurer Warm Wax Hair Remover HLE40

Beurer Warm Wax Hair Remover HLE40

Reference: HLE40 Brand: Beurer

Beurer Warm Wax Hair Removal

Waxing is a ruthless piece of our preparing schedule that can have a harming impact on our skin; not just do we hazard smoulders by utilizing hot wax at home, we truly get dried out the skin and make it aggravated and sore. 

Every cartridge contains 50mls of wax which is sufficient for two half-legs. With a little practice you'll soon consummate the compelling artwork of waxing and you'll see you won't use as much wax. 

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Beurer Warm Wax Hair Removal

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Fortunately, design specialists Elle and world renowned hardware maker Beurer have collaborated to make another scope of excellent and imaginative excellence items that make looking great that tiny bit less demanding. The HLE40 Warm Wax Hair Remover was intended to warmth wax to the ideal temperature and apply it daintily to the skin for a sheltered, successful and clean waxing background.

What's unique about this wax is that its made with regular beeswax, which has such a variety of helpful consequences for the skin. It's regularly use in skincare items in light of the fact that it serves to secure dampness, makes a layer to shield the skin from the components, and is calming which is staggeringly vital when waxing.

A base unit can warm two wax cartridges on the double to avoid holding up time, the HLE40 is inconceivably advantageous and simple to utilize. Just connect it to with the removable instrument and extra cartridge set up. The pointer light will streak as the wax warms up then stay on when it achieves the right warmth.