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Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Soap - 125g

Himalaya Nourishing Cream & Honey Soap - 125g

Reference: 8901138513061 Brand: Himalaya Herbal

Himalaya Nourishing Cream And Honey Soap

The Himalaya Nourishing Cream and Honey Soap (125g) intensely nourishes, relaxes and smoothens your skin. The soap’s deep piercing natural ingredients help repair and moisturize the skin as well as making it suppler. It is enriched with the natural goodness of Honey and Milk, which helps the Cream and Honey Soap to restore the skin's elasticity, leaving it very soft and toned. The Honey is very helpful to the skin as it can attract and retain water to maintain the skin’s moisture and provide nourishment. It is also a natural antibacterial as it contains many agents that kill bacteria. Milk is perfect for dry and itchy skin because of its softening and soothing properties. Milk contains lipids that deeply moisturize the skin.

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Himalaya Herbal Soaps

Himalaya Nourishing Cream and Honey Soap

This soap is perfect to keep your skin healthy and glowing. In the Indian culture, babies and royalty were known to bathe with milk because of its properties to make the skin glowing and soft. Honey makes sure that the skin always remains moisturized and does not become too dry and flaky. These herbal ingredients blended together in one bar of soap provide safe nourishment that every skin requires. The soap is suitable for normal to dry skin types and has no chemicals as such. The bounciness of the skin is well maintained, as well as its elasticity. This makes your skin happy, which makes you happy. The skin’s moisture level plays a chief factor in skin cell regeneration. It also promotes rehydration, making a healthy equilibrium of serum in the skin. Hence, the skin’s texture and moisture balance greatly improve.

Directions for use:

Wet the body and face, apply Nourishing Cream & Honey Soap generously and work up a lather and rinse.