Farlin Paper Stem Buds (200 pieces)

Farlin Paper Stem Buds (200 pieces)

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Paper Stem Buds

Farlin brings paper stem buds for your babies and children of all ages. Hygiene is of utmost importance for leading a healthy life. Whether there’s an irritation or regular ear wax, blunt objects must not be inserted into your ears at any cost. These lead to scratches and at times cause major damage to the ear drums. Cotton buds are not only safe and hygienic but will also ensure a better cleaning of your baby’s ears. 

In addition it will keep the ear free of scratches and other infections. So, get paper buds for your baby’s delicate ears and ensure safety. 

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Ear & Nose Buds

Farlin Paper Stem Buds

Your baby needs hygiene too to stay fit and healthy. So, cleaning ears regularly is considered to be a good and healthy habit. Farlin paper stem buds are used for regular cleaning ears of children of all ages. The baby ear sticks are made using good quality cotton. These can be used to clean up and dry little spaces around baby’s ears. The cotton ear buds clean the delicate skin of babies without any harm or injury. Paper stem buds give comfort with safety for your better use and care for ears. Ear buds clean the ears outer and inner walls safely. It soaks the water or dust that is accumulated on the ear walls. If not cleaned out the mucus, it might cause damage to the hearing sensation and also make your and your kid’s body unhygienic. After hair wash or bath, water might get inside the ears, thus cleaning it out becomes mandatory. Thus, paper ear sticks are ideal in cleaning every minute dust out from the ears.

Farlin India products are made in order to give safety as well as care to your babies effectively. The ear and nose ear sticks are hygienically safe for you and your family. They are eco friendly and paper made for the cleaning of nose, ears and delicate skin areas. The buds should be thrown after use.

Ear cotton swabs are gentle to use and can be stored anywhere or carried in a bag while travelling. The bud has a double tipped swab that makes it more pliable to clean ears without hurting the ear walls. The buds are skin friendly and have an easy grip thereby causing no infection at all. The ear Cotton tipped sticks are made of cotton and paper stem and can be used to clean up and dry little spaces around baby’s growing ears. The buds are firm stem made of environment friendly paper and fragrant free. The pack contains 60 and 200 pieces of ear buds.

Features of Farlin Paper Stem Buds :

  • Pliable stem Double-tipped Swab
  • Fluorescence Free
  • Firm stem made of environment-friendly paper