Farlin Baby Bathing Eye Shield

Reference: BF304 Brand: Farlin

Baby Bathing Eye Shield

Farlin baby bathing eye shield has been designed especially to protect your kid’s eye from coming in contact with shampoo while bathing. This keeps the eyes safe from the chemicals entering the eyes leading to itching or irritation. These cute eye shields are perfect for your kids as they are available in pinks and blues ideal for those capturing those memorable moments. Avail it today and experience the joy of bathing!

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Farlin Baby Bathing Eye Shield

Baby Safety Products

The bathing eye shield is built in form of protection of your baby’s eyes from getting water inside. It also protects the eyes from the shampoo or soap bubbles while bathing or washing your baby’s hair. The baby eye cover is an essential for baby care. Babies get scared and their eyes get irritated with the water or soap bubbles entering their eyes while washing hair or bathing. The eye mask protects their delicate eyes and brings an earnest smile on to their faces.  Washing hair and bathing becomes easier with the use of the bathing eye protector. This makes babies enjoy too. This eye cover is soft and easy to wear that fits into baby’s head well. This helps to enjoy tear free head and body wash.  The front rim protects the eyes from water splashes. The shield makes bathing time more stress free and fun for both the baby as well as the parent.

Farlin produces various baby care products that caters to the demands of every baby such as baby garments, baby accessories, baby toys, baby bath products etc. It aims to satisfy your baby’s growing needs and also protects them from minor injuries. Hence, the baby eye shield is the perfect baby safety product.

Features of Farlin Baby Bathing Eye Shield:

  • Soft and easy  to wear
  • Avoid water getting into baby’s eyes
  • Fits baby’s head easily
  • Made of high quality EVA material
  • Protects eyes