Jungle Formula Shampoo 25ml Head Lice & Eggs Treatment

Jungle Formula Shampoo 25ml Head Lice & Eggs Treatment

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Head Lice & Eggs Shampoo

Jungle Formula shampoo is an effective head lice treatment for both girls and boys. It is clinically tested at Universities of Miami, Paris and Jerusalem. Jungle Formula brings in with anti lice shampoo in India. The head lice shampoo is to be applied directly to dry hair, and then leave for 10 minutes, before adding water to form lather. Finally wash and rinse hair thoroughly. Before drying the hair, comb hair using the anti lice comb to get rid of the lice & their eggs. The lice cause irritation and children acquire louse in schools from other kids.

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Jungle Formula Head Lice & Eggs Shampoo

Anti Lice Shampoo

The Jungle Formula Shampoo for Lice & Eggs is the perfect way to say goodbye to the lice that make home in the head and cause irritation, itching and damage to the hair. In a single application, the shampoo eliminates both lice and eggs. This is an anti lice shampoo that makes rid of lice in 10 minutes. The lice treatment shampoo acts in a double formulation method that suffocates and kills the lice and eggs completely from the hair. The pack is available in 25. The lice and the nits make your hair dirty, stinky that creates hair fall. The shampoo is preferred by those who don’t like using the lotion. Massage from the root to the tips especially to the neck and behind the ears. 

The Jungle Formula head lice shampoo is safe to use by children too. The treatment needs to be repeated after 7 days. The product is the most trusted therapy in dealing with head lice. It is convenient to use and is chemical free formula for your hair. The head lice shampoo removes lice and eggs from head and cleanses your hair giving it volume and shine without damaging the roots of hair. This lice shampoo in India is unique with its features.

Features of Jungle Formula Head Lice & Eggs Shampoo:

  • Eliminates 100% head lice and eggs in one application
  • Double action formula (Dimethicone 4% & Hydrocarbon Fluids 96%) - dehydration and suffocation of lice and eggs
  • Insecticide free - No resistance and safe for children
  • Suffocates and dehydrates head lice and eggs
  • Clinically tested and proven at the universities of Miami (USA), Paris and Jerusalem
  • As easy as washing hair, repeat the treatment after 7 days

Jungle Formula Head Lice & Eggs Shampoo has been widely suggested by Doctors, as it has a mild solution which does not harm the scalp. When it comes to scalp and other derma related products, harsh or strong chemicals should not be used, as they can damage the outer layers of the skin.

Diagnosis of Head Lice & Eggs

If you think that you or someone you know has head lice problem, then you can easily diagnose the same at home. You will need the following easily available items at home:

  • Bright light.
  • Fine-tooth comb or lice comb.

How to find head lice? You can, by following these 3 steps:

  • It is easier to locate live when the hair is wet, so firstly wet the hair of the person you feel has head lice problem. Wet hair makes it difficult for the lice to scurry away.
  • Make the person you are checking sit under a bright light.
  • You can start by separating the hair in sections, and start to comb outward, slowly. One by one cover sections. Comb from as close to the scalp as possible.
  • You would be looking for Adult Lice & their Eggs (also called Nits), it is always easier to locate nits as they do not move unlike lice.
  • Most common places for finding nits are around the ears and nape of the neck.
BrandJungle Formula
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