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Himalaya Extra Moisturizing baby soap (75g)

Himalaya Extra Moisturizing baby soap (75g)

Reference: 8901138822217 Brand: Himalaya Herbal

Himalaya Extra Moisturizing Baby Soap

Your baby’s skin can get dry during the extreme weather conditions and it is important for you, as a parent to take care of his skin. Do this with the Himalaya Extra Moisturizing baby soap. The Himalaya Extra Moisturizing baby soap is designed specifically to take extra care of your baby’s skin. Protect your baby’s skin with Himalaya Extra Moisturizing baby soap as it does not leave the skin dry but instead nourishes it thoroughly. It is made of 100% herbal products that do not harm his skin in anyway and instead protects his skin from dryness and chaffing. 


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Moisturizing Baby Soap

Himalaya Herbal Baby Products

This soap contains olive oil, almond oil, milk and Indian aloe. All of these elements combine together in the Himalaya Extra Moisturizing baby soap. Olive oil is an essential ingredient as it is rich in Vitamin E which protects your baby’s skin from chaffing. It also nourishes his skin and moisturizes it thoroughly. It thus keeps the skin healthy and soft. The soap moisturizes your baby’s skin through the presence of almond oil which is a great softener. Indian aloe is the element that soothes and softens his skin and milk nourishes, softens and moisturizes his skin.

These essential elements in this soap make it the perfect product to be used on your baby’s skin. All you need to do is while giving him a bath, gently rub the soap all over his face and body. Work up the lather to clean his skin and then rinse off thoroughly. This will leave his skin moisturized and supple. It will give him a fresh feel that will make your baby happy. So use the Himalaya Extra Moisturizing baby soap on your baby now.

BrandHimalaya Healthcare
CompositionOlive oil, Almond oil, milk, Indian aloe