Nasobuddy Baby Nasal Aspirator

Nasobuddy Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Baby Nasal Aspirator Online in India

Nasobuddy nasal Aspirator is meant to be your child’s easy access. This is a nasal buddy of your kid that helps them to breathe easily even while sleeping. This is recommended by paediatricians to clear blocked nostrils and also get comfort from irritating symptoms of cold since birth. This nasal aspirator keeps your baby absolutely free from troubled sleep and blocked nose.  Thus this Nasal Aspirator clears noses and allows proper breathing, good sleep and also helps in easy feeding.

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Nasobuddy Baby Nasal Aspirator - Baby Care Products

Nasobuddy nasal aspirator protects your little angel from cold or flu and allows them proper sleep. Babies often breathe through nose but if nostrils are blocked due to allergies or cold, it becomes irritating and disturbing for both the baby as well as the parent to control that situation where in your baby cries continuously due to troubled breathing.

When to use:

This nasal aspirator is to be used if your baby finds it difficult to breathe through nose. Also, if your kid cries while being fed or during sleep time, you must be ensured about baby’s blocked nostrils.

How to use:

The nozzle is to be kept at the tip of baby’s nostrils and the bottle has to be squeezed for applying 2-3 drops into the nose so that these drops pass down the nasal passages of your sweet baby.

Features of nasal aspirator:

  • Easy and safe to use for kids
  • Protects from allergies, cold and flu
  • Prevents snoring and insomnia
  • Allows proper sleep
  • Prevents breathlessness and blocked nose