Beurer Nebuliser with Ultrasonic Technology - IH40

Beurer Nebuliser with Ultrasonic Technology - IH40

Reference: IH40 Brand: Beurer

Beurer Nebuliser with Ultrasonic Technology - IH40

Beurer Nebuliser with ultrasonic Technology is a device which is especially used for the treatment of conditions arising from problems in the upper and lower respiratory systems. This nebuliser has ultrasonic technology, in the sense that it creates ultrasonic source high-frequency vibrations in the water, which also causes the inhalant confined in the medication vessel to vibrate. The fluctuations separate particles from the water and the inhalant. It helps to open up their respiratory tracts. It also has a high proportion of air particles. It has been tested and is absolutely safe.

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Beurer Nebuliser with Ultrasonic Technology - IH40

They are the mixed with air in the expulsion duct and a fan ensures that this inhalant-water combination is fed to the patient through a mask or mouthpiece. This technique is very quiet and requires relatively little power and is ideal for when you are travelling.

It is meant or use during colds, asthma and other respiratory diseases. The Beurer Nebuliser with ultrasonic technology can very easily be disinfected so that germs are not passed on from person to person through it. It has a high nebulization capacity (>0.4ml/min) and a short inhalation time. It has a certified test strip quality and a blue well-lit LCD screen. It has the Air circulation of 70 m3/h (level 1) and 130 m3/h (level 2).

The nebuliser is very vital in case of emergencies for people suffering from a respiratory disease. This nebuliser is also perfect to be taken along when travelling. It has been tested and has the Beurer well-being stamp.