Beurer Nebuliser - IH21

Beurer Nebuliser - IH21

Reference: IH21 Brand: Beurer

Beurer Nebuliser - IH21

Beurer Nebuliser is a device used for the treatment of the upper and lower respiratory tracts. It can be used in case of cold, asthma and other respiratory diseases. By the nebulizer IH 21 compressed-air atomizers, a compressor produces compressed air (approx. 0.8 bar). The compressed air passes through the air hose and the jets in the atomizer to the inhalant. The torrent of air blows the particles out of the inhalant and combines them with additional air in the atomizer. The inhalant is then fed to the patient through a mask or a mouthpiece.

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Beurer Nebuliser - IH21

It has a very high proportion of air particles, and it can be very easily disinfected so that germs do not pass from one person to another. It also has a high nebulization capacity and a short inhalation time period. It is a very important piece of equipment for anyone suffering from breathing problems of problems with their lungs.

This Beurer Nebuliser is a clinically tested medical product that comes with a mouth piece, an adult mask, a children’s mask and a nose piece and practical storage space for all the accessories. It has a 1.2 bar operating pressure. This nebuliser is very important and should be kept with anyone suffering from respiratory problems in case of emergency. Beurer GmbH has been the leader in the market for health and in the well-being sector for almost close to a millennium. It is highly recommended and has products of very good quality. They ensure safety and security from usage of their products.